Comfort and pleasure - or the presence of the lost. 5. 9. 2015 Gepäckausgabe glarus

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Glarner Hexenschamanin Maja Alrauna Rössler und dem Architekten Stefan Noser

In cooperation with the witch and female shaman Maja Rössler and the architect Stefan Noser, both from Glarus.
The claim of the project baggage claim, which took place in a room used as baggage claim, was to transform the room within two weeks artistically. And the next person takes the room with as it is to transform it again.

I tried to go on with my subject of the connection between creepy cheesy interiors, ideas of paradise gardens (this time rather zen-like) and the behaviours of consumer culture. I continued my researches about the power of the things and objects around us in different cultures with the shaman Maja Rössler.